Custom Motorcycle Seat Pan

Custom motorcycle seat pan – Disposable toilet seats.

Custom Motorcycle Seat Pan

custom motorcycle seat pan

    custom motorcycle

  • A custom motorcycle is a motorcycle that is highly stylized or which treats aspects such as frame geometry or engine design in an unusual way compared to standard manufacturing.

    seat pan

  • Where the pilot will sit in the sailplane.

custom motorcycle seat pan – Harley-Davidson Solo

Harley-Davidson Solo Spring Saddle – Black Leather – Brown Leather – 54072-10
Harley-Davidson Solo Spring Saddle - Black Leather - Brown Leather - 54072-10
Add nostalgic “bobber” looks to your modern Harley-Davidson® motorcycle. This elegant two-tone distressed leather solo seat features a low profile design that provides the minimalistic “just enough to ride” look. The torsion-style springs are designed for the optimum balance between spring suspension and support. The smooth metal seat pan and the simple frame cover leave a clean, finished appearance. Easy to install, the bolt-on Seat and model-specific Spring Seat Installation Kits includes everything you need to get the bobber look. No cutting, welding, or fabrication is necessary, and the seat can be removed and replaced with a touring seat for a two-up night on the town.
. Fits ’04-’06 XL, ’10-later XL, ’06-later Dyna® and ’08-later Softail® models (except FXCW/C). Installation requires separate purchase of model-specific Spring Seat Mounting Hardware Kit. Seat width: 10.5″.. 54072-10

Leather – Solo Seat in Progress

Leather - Solo Seat in Progress
Started on a new custom leather solo seat for a motorcycle.. No one specific, so it?ll be for sale some time when it?ll be finished I guess. Wanted to try out the engraved type of scroll design.. Not sure what to put in the text field yet, so if you got any good ideas? 🙂

Still haven?t decided if there will be lacing or ordinary stitches either..

Leather – Solo Seat

Leather - Solo Seat
The seat pan is in metal, then I added and shaped the padding which is glued on the seat pan.. then I glued the leather to the padding after stretching the leather to the right shape to get it as smooth as possible. After that I bolted the leather to the seat pan underneath and added a piece of strong wool to cover the bolts and folds..

custom motorcycle seat pan

custom motorcycle seat pan

Advanced Custom Motorcycle Assembly & Fabrication Manual
What started in the mid-90s when a few people decided to build (stock Softails? from aftermarket parts·because they couldn’t buy one at the dealer·has evolved into a full-blown industry. Today, every small town has a Chopper or Custom bike shop and every cable TV channel has a Biker Build-Off series. No longer content to build copies of stock motorcycles, today’s builder wants a motorcycle that’s longer, lower, and sexier than anything approved by a factory design team. Wolfgang Publications and Tim Remus were there at the very beginning of the trend with their Ultimate V-Twin Motorcycle book. Today they’re back with their new book, Advanced Custom Motorcycle Assembly & Fabrication. Part catalog, part service manual, and part inspiration, this new book offers help with planning the project, getting the right look and actually assembling that custom bike you’ve dreamed about for years. Three start-to-finish sequences show not just how the best bikes are bolted together, but how the unique one-off gas tanks are shaped and then covered with candy brandywine paint.

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